Future Growth and Navigating Opportunities at Northlake Behavioral Health System

Northlake Behavioral Health System, a leading nonprofit provider of behavioral health and addiction treatment services in Louisiana and St. Tammany Parish, acknowledges the importance of addressing recent challenges while maintaining a steadfast commitment to exceptional patient care and transparency.

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Northlake has invested significantly in the physical plant restoration. Northlake remains fully compliant with all Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules and regulations. Leadership is actively exploring options for an accreditation body that aligns with the unique nature of our services. Mr. Joe Buckley, CEO, emphasized in a recent interview that the paramount focus is, and always has been, on the well-being and safety of our patients. In 2023 all our outpatient clinical and mobile crisis services became CARF accredited, further displaying our commitment to quality.

Campus Enhancements and Safety Compliance: Northlake continues to prioritize safety and compliance, undertaking proactive measures to ensure a secure environment for both patients and staff. Campus repairs and emergency preparedness updates post-Hurricane Ida demonstrate our dedication to maintaining a modern and resilient facility.

Staff Training and Certification: Recognizing the critical role of well-trained staff, Northlake is expanding its training department. Immediate steps are being taken to boost staffing levels and increase training requirements, ensuring our team consistently delivers high-quality care.

Patient Care and Advocacy: Northlake remains committed to community service and mental health advocacy. We have invested in first responder behavioral health training and provide millions of dollars in charitable care. Our leadership team has implemented a patient advocacy line, offering clients and family members a direct channel to express concerns. Furthermore, Northlake is collaborating with outside agencies to streamline patient care, directing hospitalization services to those truly in need, thereby reducing potential iatrogenic harm.

Postpartum Program and Continuous Improvement: Northlake is proud to announce plans for a dedicated postpartum program within The Ness Center, Northlake’s outpatient clinic, focusing on the well-being of women and their children. The Ness Center has strategically adjusted and enhanced services on the campus, expanding outpatient offerings, and strengthening crisis response teams to better address the diverse mental health needs of our community.

Northlake Behavioral Health System remains resolute in its commitment to the highest standards of care, transparency, and continuous improvement. Our dedication to community health is demonstrated through extensive charity care and coordinated community programs. Every concern raised is viewed as an opportunity for growth and positive change.


Media Contact: For media inquiries, please email: info@northlakebh.org