Rates & Pricing

Learn all about the cost of Northlake's services

Northlake Behavioral Health System is committed to price transparency to have the information necessary to make informed choices when choosing a healthcare provider.

We’ve established 3 easy ways for you to obtain the information you need to estimate your financial responsibility if you are currently seeking or scheduling care.

A call or email will connect you with an admissions specialist who will be happy to provide you an estimate of your financial responsibility after your insurance company pays their portion or provide you additional information about our self-pay discounts, charity care policy, and additional payment plan options.

CALL (985) 626-6300

EMAIL info@northlakebh.org

Also provided is a link to our charge list for our services. We realize looking at a list of charges can be overwhelming, so we are providing some definitions and information to help frame understanding of what the charge list is and what the charge list is not:

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